Through The Darkness Of The Twenty Seven Ages

by BoroW

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released January 25, 2013



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


BoroW Surgut, Russia

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Track Name: The Crouching Chaos
I hear the Crouching Chaos
Appearing from the stars
They were made by the missionary
But he is only a mask
And a will of those
Who existed before the beginning of time
They dressed him in chaos
And all gods were scared

When the cycle starts again
He will arise and come
Lost but not forgotten
We see a lot corpses
A lot of blood
And only gods will inhabit the planet
Cause they dont care at all
Track Name: It's Senselessly To Be Afraid Of End
Your prayers just disturbing them
You wount be safe until you live
And consciousness - no longer friend
Pathetic that you think - it`s dream
Retardness is the saviour!
The worms corrode your fucking mind,
Your last chance is to hope by now
That you woun`t die
At the beginning of the end.

There are no sinners, Neither saints!
We`r equal in our flabby flesh
There is no Heaven! In this World
We born and die in burning Hell
And afterwards - insanity
We can just take a look through pane
Deleting past and free our mind.
And hoping for the kindness of those,
Who gave us right to entertain.

The death is gift, compared with thing
that waits us at the end of time.
Your gods are dead, like your beliefs
In foolishness of what they done
You hope to gain the rest and safe.
And senselessly afraid of death,
Nobody can achieve the heartless mercy.
The waters climbing up to wash away
The corpse of hope and fancy

Fear eats your mind piece by piece.
He`s hungry! You - are weak and poor
in your convicted greatness!
The souls are crunched, just like the bodie
You`ll suffer even afterwards.
The sky will point out new age.
Despair and chaos gonna dance in dark water
which merging world in Agony
of Demolition, Death and Pain
It`s senselessly to be afraid of End.
Track Name: The Madness Comes Out From The Sea Depth
Darkness fall, The piercing Wail,stoned and cold
they will wait for
Stars will, by pass, full cycle
they will came from
sea depths whence madness proceeds
black sources where light does not
get. as long as they sleep
Ground in a stone
They harmless but
They will rise and dominate on earth,
they wait, they sleep
forgotten by time,
Black clouds of smoke rise in sky
Avoid to grow old
Time to bend our heads
The elders will comes
to enslave the world
of us

In one of last days
of our kind
People grieve
its time to decide

will we revolt
will we being free
will we sow a blasphemy
Track Name: Atomic Doom
The silence stuns with a heavy smack in the ear
And an expectancy brings a physical pain
Just a second and we are covered with warm
Just a minute and we will never be found

The air is trembling, waiting for the last hour
And time is running slow. But it doesn"t matter for those,who lie in the deep
There"s no sense in screaming,cause you can"t brathe
Don"t close your eyes. They will be closed instead of you

Spark! And you are so far away, but you"re everywhere
No feelings,no agony. Just rest in peace
The candle of humanity burns brighter than thousands of suns
But we ought to extinguish with it

All the lucky beggars won"t feel pain,they are given freedom by the wind
And an outer world will be smouldering,praying for a quick death
An ulcer in the sky will be eating clouds, until it becomes full
But at that time we will be far away, but everywhere

Hot air becomes a big bed of honor
Everything is whole,calm and dead
Track Name: The Great Black
Her elements are
Lust and sin
Those, who admire her,
will receive an eternal youth-
she's a goddes of night.
Her eyes are shining in darkness
They become a lighthouse
for her followers

Bring her a virgin blood in sacrifice
and open your soul
Just let her fill it
Put away your fear and doubt
and come to her embrace
Let the darkness fill you

Ja! Shub-Niggurath!
The Great Black Goat of forests
I urge you!

Respond to the cry of your servant
is a charge to the power of this words

Bring her a virgin blood in sacrifice
and open your soul
Just let her fill it
Put away your fear and doubt
and come in her embrace

I command you to rise up now
And to stand with thousands servants,
I make signs
I'm calling: Appear Now!
And walk through the land one more time!

Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua
Track Name: A State Of Being
He is the key, he is the gates
He is the time, and he is space at the same time
The oneness in the oneness, the chaos in conglomeration
Incorporeal sage existing in all the times

Mad witness, filling a space

Ignoring limits, ignoring rules and moral
The embodiment of all mathematical fantasies and threats.
Existing outside, but keeping us feel scared.
Black flesh, brought up in the emptiness of space.

Yog-Sothoth! Eternally beyond fathomless depths of time.
Ancient priests were whispering your name
Yog-Sothoth! Primeval slime of molecular chaos.
Knowing God! Keeper of the gate silver key!

The owner of the world and thousands of others, destroying and collecting them again.
Traveling through time, and outside, peering out of the void.
The strongest of the creators of life, the wisest of all wise men.

Combining together the time and space, insanity and order.
Fiend of darkness of prehistoric times, the decay of primitive evil.
In the ancient halls, blasphemous cults, you will not be forgotten!
Your name will be blessed by your slaves, whose bodies of flesh and blood.

Ancient priests were whispering your name condemning themselves to death.
Primeval slime of molecular chaos
Knowing God! Keeper of the gate silver key!
Track Name: Curse Of The Earth
We dont deserve forgiveness, we are only the parasites.
You cried and suffered, while we drank your blood.
They warned us, but we drowned in your treasure.
We called ourselves the masters, forgiving that we`re guests.

Things cant be as they are now more.
No second chance, no time to beg for excuse.
Mother Earth knows what to do with cancer which is - us
Purification of the rot is only chance for her to stay alive.

Black waves will raise up to the sky, carrying punishment to us
No one escapes the retribution of ruthless Mother
Our temples on the bones will go under the earth
where only dead calm and the eternal peace of mind is waiting.

The Earth will open it`s jaws, the story will complete.
The illness will burn in the sacred fire
The sky will turn black forever, the angels gonna leave it.

We`ve played with fire till we start to burn
Drowinig in oil, we never thought to pay-back.
Killing for luxury turned us into beasts
No one begged for excuse by leaving scars on you.

Our history will be nothing, no matter what we do
The horizon will flash of hatred to our civilization.
All the cities will fall under the onslaught of crazed elements.
This time - no one will stand on feet again...
Track Name: Irem Zath Al' Immath
Irem zath al' immath
The sacred abode, belt by Gins
By Shaddad`s will, the Lord of the Nephilim
The city of the Columns, ancient city

Existing in a different reality
by entering it, Maggrib learns the secrets
of those who lived on Earth before us,

He throws the languished look through
space and light of distant stars
empty your mind and free yourself from thoughts
Throw the shackles, sacrifice

your flesh, and you will soar and
will experience the cold emptiness and their inhabitants
Buried and forgotten knowledge
will allow you to master

the creatures of the both realities,
become the Madjun, the obsessed
the power and authority of the Irem creators
determine the fate, wiser then mortals

Obtain the power, the art of Fan
the ancient will be proud of you
put away all values
it does'nt matter for you anymore
Track Name: The Patron Of Slaves
Rott and curse
they Have grasped
our world
Faceless goddes
Waves a kerchief
dead in a trace

They will reach the gates of heaven
They will searching to dismember
That will meet all on a way and
Burn and smash that all of Heritage

Ov god
Who stand above a sheer
Ov god
That who create a foolish dogmas
Ov god
proprietor and liar

Ov god
The Patron Ov Slaves

as long as you behave like sheep
you will be cut and grazed
God'd ruined everything and left
another owner takes his place
The greatest liar,that history have known
You fooled yourself again
And we came here from dusky slough
This way we will return
You're not our Master
We're not your slaves
You're filthy liar, what you've done
they're out of your control
And now it's your turn to reply
because you woke them up