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He is the key, he is the gates
He is the time, and he is space at the same time
The oneness in the oneness, the chaos in conglomeration
Incorporeal sage existing in all the times

Mad witness, filling a space

Ignoring limits, ignoring rules and moral
The embodiment of all mathematical fantasies and threats.
Existing outside, but keeping us feel scared.
Black flesh, brought up in the emptiness of space.

Yog-Sothoth! Eternally beyond fathomless depths of time.
Ancient priests were whispering your name
Yog-Sothoth! Primeval slime of molecular chaos.
Knowing God! Keeper of the gate silver key!

The owner of the world and thousands of others, destroying and collecting them again.
Traveling through time, and outside, peering out of the void.
The strongest of the creators of life, the wisest of all wise men.

Combining together the time and space, insanity and order.
Fiend of darkness of prehistoric times, the decay of primitive evil.
In the ancient halls, blasphemous cults, you will not be forgotten!
Your name will be blessed by your slaves, whose bodies of flesh and blood.

Ancient priests were whispering your name condemning themselves to death.
Primeval slime of molecular chaos
Knowing God! Keeper of the gate silver key!


from Through The Darkness Of The Twenty Seven Ages, released January 25, 2013




BoroW Surgut, Russia

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